"Bonga brought new hope in my life,taught me self confidence and gave me skills of which i use to generate my income"

-Levina Ally 19"

Bonga Project

"Paralegal has helped me from gender based violence that i suffered in my marriage over a year,Am now educated,i know my rights and i live happily in my marriage"

— Nuru Jumanne 29"

Legal Empowernment Project

"I have better yields from the same farm that previosly i couldn't,i follow advice from agriculture experts and plant mixed crop and trees to conserve water and environment"

-Idd Swalehe 28"

ACATI Project

"Boresha lishe saving groups helped me start small bussiness and improve my income and household nutrition status."

-Mwanahamisi Athumani 32"

Boresha lishe Project