COVID-19 Awareness campaign in Iramba DC

Do you know? Social Distancing and following all necessary steps in washing hands is said to be one of the main standard recommendations against Corona Virus.

Today market places stand a high risk on COVID-19 spread hence SEMA took innitiative with fund from Stromme Foundation East Africa and  cooperation from Iramba District Executive Director office  and taught ways to prevent corona spread in Iramba District.

May 16,2020
COVID-19 Awareness in campaign in Ikungi DC

"Ikungi District executive director Mr. Justice Laurence applauses SEMA for the inniative they took to Conduct Awareness Campaign on COVID-19 Disease to the communities at Ikungi.
Enhancing the hygienic practices in accordance to standard recommendations by @wizara_afyatz @who 3 mostly proper handwashing, social distancing and putting on masks.

May 15,2020
COVID-19 Awareness Campaign in Singida 

SEMA partnering with Stromme Foundation East Africa conducts COVID-19 awareness to  communities in Singida focusing on proper steps for Hand washing,Healthy usage of face Masks and Social Distance practices.

May 11,2020