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Sustainable Environment Management Action (SEMA) is a Singida based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that set out to fight poverty through improving Health, Education, WASH services, Agriculture, and Environmental Degradation in the rural areas of the poor and marginalized communities.

It was registered under the society's ordinance cap 337 on the 10th March 1998.

The organization also was awarded a certificate of compliance No 1594 for non Governmental act No. 20 made under section 11(3) of 2002 on 9 March 2006

Our core values:

Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Transparency, Faithfulness, Responsiveness, Commitment, Solidarity, Motivation, Love and loyalty

SEMA Objectives:

The main objective of SEMA is to support communities’ initiatives to tackle their own economic, social, and environmental problems.

Specifically, SEMA works towards:

  1. Villages empowerment in terms of organization,

  2. Improved health and availability of safe and sustainable water,

  3. Improved attitudes towards environmental protection,

  4. Increased household income and economic activity, and;

  5. Enhancing preventive skills and measures against HIV/AIDS spreading among rural Communities


Joram Alute

SEMA Board Chairperson


Peter Lissu

Administration and Human Resource Manager

ivo 2.png

Ivo Manyaku

SEMA General Manager


Rachel Sedute

Livelihood Development Manager


Jerry Danny

Natural Resource and Environment Manager


Godson Mushi

Water,Sanitation and Hygiene Manager 


Lameck Muyanzi

Workshop Manager

Sema Reports 2017

Sema Reports 2018

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