sema workshop

A SEMA Workshop is  a Workshop under SEMA that offers Motor Vehicle services and repairs

We offer following services:

1.General services(changing oils,filters,greasing,brushes,wheel bearings etc.

2.Engine overhaul,Gear Box overhaul and Differential overhaul

3.Welding of all types of metals and non ferous metal(Using arc welding and Gas Welding)

4.Pressing different items(using Hydraulic pressing machine with capacity upto 80 tons)

5.High Lift focks for lifting heavy load like,engines,gearboxes and differentials

6.Wheel Alignment

7.Injector nozzles servicing(for diesel engines)

8.Body Repair

9.Vehicle Painting(Metallic and Non Metallic)

10.Winch Lorry for loading and unloading  vehicles,generators and Heavy Engines

Other Services we offer

1.Inspection Pit

2.Car Washing (IPC)

3.Welding Bay

4.Parking Area

5.Fire Extinguishers

6.Material and Spare parts Store

Welcome to SEMA Workshop to get better Services

Find us: 


P.O.BOX 365 Singida


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Contact us: 

Phone:+255 026 2502335

Fax:+255 026 2502698