accountable climate actions and finance transparency initiative (acati)

SEMA with FORUM CC together with Singida District Council receive support from European Union to implement a project known as Accountable Climate Actions and Finance Transparency Initiative (ACATI) in Singida District at three wards namely Mrama, Mtinko and Kijota, project implemented for 3 years with the aim of enhancing collaborative actions between CSO and LGA; contribute to informed policy decisions, bring CSOs, citizens together to demand action that led to accountability in climate adaptation and mitigation.

Our objective is to strengthen national and local CSOs to advocate and engage the Government to act responsibly and collaborate in relation to environment and climate resilience;


Target Group of the project

* CSOs


* Member of Parliament (MPs)

And Final beneficiaries are from the core society thus (i) Small Holder Farmers and Pastoralist (ii) community across the country. 

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