“The ceased dreams of two opharns have been roused by the Singida paralegals”



“I am now living in my own house running my own business, the shop and tailoring business I have now can sustain my life and my child.“ says Faudhia Mahumbi (Mama Ismail). Mama Ismail a widow who was abandoned by her step family while pregnant with a little boy Ismail Miraji living at Unyankindi –Singida. She was denied all of her property and possession left behind by her late husband Mr. Miraji.



After long journey of seeking her rights she finally falls under the hands of WASS, when she met Mr. Paschal Tantau a Paralegal at Singida Mc.

Despite provision of linkages with other key actors like Ward Tribunal and Lawayers, He was able to summon all the relatives of Mama Ismail to case resolution.

The first meeting wasn’t very successful, he later called the Village Government and whole of her family whereby her family agreed to give to her a land and construct a house for her family. This was not very successful whereby Paschal Tantau met Mama Ismail’s step father for further discussion. The family was summoned again on 26/03/018, whereby resolution reached were on top of Buidling a house for her she was given a farming land of 5 acres for sunflower farm with Sunflower planted by her family of which it was theirs.


Mama Ismail is now living in her new house constructed by her step family who wanted to deprive all of her inheritances. In a new house she can run her own shop business but also is doing tailoring which gives her family earning.

Generally life for Mama Ismail is changed from underprivileged women to privileged one. 

“I like the new home, am now able to make my own and family’s life. In few days to come I will start Chicken keeping which will improve my life” Remarkably said Mama Ismail.

Mama Ismail in a sewing machine at her new office in a new home, as a result of Legal aid from WASS

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