The Tailor Who Save Other Girls

Salome Gabriel trained in tailoring 2014 supported by SEMA funded by STROMME FOUNDATION EAST AFRICA (SFEA).

After graduation she decided to find more knowledge on tailoring after recognized that she doesn’t know how to make men’s clothes. So she decide to continue with tailoring training to another instructor who gave her more experience in which her parents payed for tuitions fees.

After, accomplished the training she purchased her (1) own sewing machine and hired another 2 and owning 3 sewing machine in total and hired the place to work for her own.


Now she is able to get average of TSH 150,000/= per month which help her to continue with her daily life and improving her capital in which she started selling ‘vitenge’ and other clothes in which customers can buy in her area.


But she saying “after graduation always I dreamed to help other girls who do not have any skills and they depend from their parents and others they involve themselves in bad conducts and this was pulling force which make me to find more experience for tailoring “

After getting room I decide to find other girls who will be willing for the training.


"Nowadays I am able to train 3 girls in my place who are already graduated and 2 others who are continuing with training for the aim of becomes independent from their parents. They are paying me 20,000/=TSH per month, For sure the training I got from SEMA it was benchmark for my success."

 She has a plan to open the Vocational Training Center which will help other girls and our community at large.

She has decided to save some money in which every year She will be able to purchase 3 sewing machine until she owns 15 due to fact that she want to start with 25 youth for the training in her Center.

"I know it’s hard to succeed but I believe I will reach my dream of having Center."

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